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Department of Business and Economics

Management Accounting and Control

Today, Control is regarded as a central element of corporate management. It requires both extensive knowledge of accounting and a deep understanding of the basic relationships between the sub-disciplines of business administration. In addition to teaching these basic requirements, the work of the professorship focuses on the following elements: internatio¬nal control, accounting of pay- regulated companies, control of non-profit organizations as well as public price law , risk management and control of industry 4.0. In teaching, these research areas are to be brought closer to the students through case studies, edutainment and internationality.

In the focus area of Control, students are trained as "generalists" and thus can be employed in a wide variety of positions within a company. As specialized controllers, they have detailed knowledge of the theories, structures and instruments of internal accounting and are well trained in solution-oriented thinking thanks to their practice-oriented training. Similarly, knowledge of accounting is the basis for any other management function, since it ultimately links the functional sub-areas.

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